By choosing rap.ID’s laboratory services, you gain access to years of experience as well as ISO 9001:2008 documented quality in the development of methods and routine analyses for the isolation, detection and identification of particle contamination sources.

How to use rap.IDís particle analysis services:

You send us the product to be analyzed.

Please fill out our "Sample Submssion" form if you would like to get a quote on our analysis services. You can fax both the completed form and the samples via Fax (+49 (0)30 6576 3441) or by email.

Note for the shipping of single particles

We contact you about the scope of the analysis and then develop a measurement method.

Qualified analysis report:

Quickly and competently, we provide you with information about the particulate matter of your samples. You get a qualified analysis report.

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Within a very short time, you receive the results of the analysis along with a clear and concise protocol, microscope images of the particles and a final report drafted by our staff experts.

Of course, we are also able to identify prepared microparticles already on the filters.

Our laboratories use particle image analysis and Raman identification, combined with other procedures, such as EDX, LIBS and FT-IR spectroscopy, and customized for foreign particle analysis. We specifically select additional methods to detect contamination in production processes for our valued customers worldwide.

rap.ID provides you with information about the number, size and chemical composition of the particles. The statistically significant particle identification allows you to find and quickly eliminate contamination sources.