We offer a series of training days throughout the year for those looking to further their knowledge on particle analysis and siliconization. Take a look below on the two training days rap.ID hosts and register your interest for attending.

Both training days are scheduled over a two day period so you can attend both programs at our New Jersey laboratory, and take advantage of our exclusive discount for both workshops.

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  • Controlling the Silicone Layer in Pre-Filled Syringes - $475*
  • Identification of Foreign Particles in Parenterals - $575*

discounts may apply - attending both workshops will give a discount of $100

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Subvisible Particles Characterization Workshop


A training program to subvisible particle control and the impact of siliconization of particle formation.



Life Cycle, Control Strategy and Investigation of Particulate Matter in Parenterals

Co-workshop with Roy Cherris, USP <1790> co-author for the particulate control life cycle and the staged approach of foreign particulate matter investigations in parenteral drugs.